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Thicc Sticks by Kojiro-Brushard Thicc Sticks :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 819 88 RQ: Peach's New Pet (For Ringsandamiss007) by TheScaleTrain RQ: Peach's New Pet (For Ringsandamiss007) :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 38 12 Queen Aleena 2nd Redesign by mlpandsthfan11315 Queen Aleena 2nd Redesign :iconmlpandsthfan11315:mlpandsthfan11315 40 8
he also said that it's NOT PEDOPHILIA to ship Spike with anyone else from the show,
because NONE OF THEM HAVE DEFINITIVE AGES given to them yet, including Spike.
You can all celebrate now, Spike fans! Blower fella (Party) :bademoticon: 

You may share this with your friends, the internet, and any asshole that tells you Spike is too young for anyone in the show.
:icontitanium-dats-me:Titanium-dats-me 57 57
Jealous Angel
Link raised an eyebrow in confusion as he stared at Pit, who was giving the Hylian swordsman a fierce glare.  Of course since this was Pit the glare came off more pouty than fierce.  As to why Pit was glaring at Link, well the green clad hero was going to find out.
“Is there something troubling you, Pit?” asked Link.
“You know exactly what’s troubling me!” exclaimed the child; his pouty glare becoming even more pouty…if that was even possible.
“If I did I wouldn’t have asked,” replied Link in a deadpan tone.
“Just stay away from Viridi!”
With that, Link watched as the young angel turned and walked away.  Viridi?  What did she have to do with this?  Wanting to find some answers, Link went to look for the one person who could help.
“It’s so nice to just kick back and relax for once, don’t you all agree?” asked the green-haired goddess with a smile.
“Yes, it is nice
:iconability-king-kk:Ability-King-KK 20 14
Sailor Blaze by SonicFF Sailor Blaze :iconsonicff:SonicFF 213 46
Peach's Guard Dog
Peach let out a sigh of disappointment.  Mario had once again saved her from the clutches of the evil Bowser and she was now home safe…for how long though?  Bowser would surely try and kidnap her again and quite frankly she was tired of it.  She couldn’t blame Mario; he was just one man.  No, if anyone was to be blamed it was her Toad Guard.
The pink-clad princess frowned at the thought of her Toad Guard.  They were quite possibly the worst guards in the history of anything.  Whenever Bowser came to cause trouble, instead of actually trying to fend him off they would run around in fear.  Some guards they were.
Then Peach thought about Mario.  If the Toad Guard would actually do their job, then Mario wouldn’t have to as hard as he does!  Maybe she should rethink on who should be guarding the castle.  As she thought about it, an idea came to mind and a grin came to her face.  She knew exactly what to do.
:iconability-king-kk:Ability-King-KK 9 4
Lonely Lightning
A tiny yellow mouse-like Pokémon watched on in sadness as Dr. Mario and Mewtwo fought on the Battlefield.  Even though he was just a baby, Pichu wondered why Dr. Mario and Mewtwo were the only ones to return as Smash Fighters while he didn’t.  He liked being a Smash Fighter.  He got to play with Pikachu!  If only he got to come back as well.  Feeling unwanted, the little Electric-type walked away with tears welling up in his eyes.
“Aw, are you okay little guy?” asked a voice from behind.
Pichu’s large ears perked up at the sound and turned around to see a young, blonde woman who looked to be about seventeen years of age.  She wore strange looking clothes and a blue scarf, but from what Pichu could tell she didn’t look like a threat.  She was even smiling!
“Pi?” questioned Pichu as he tilted his head in confusion.
“Aww, you’re just so cute!” exclaime
:iconability-king-kk:Ability-King-KK 23 21
Twelve Days of Smash (2014) by SaccharoKirby Twelve Days of Smash (2014) :iconsaccharokirby:SaccharoKirby 636 110
Here's something that :iconkarasu-96: showed me - something that Junichi Masuda, who is largely involved with the Pokémon series, retweeted on Twitter a week ago -
If there's anyone who knows the Japanese writing present in the link above, could that someone please translate what Junichi Masuda had to say?
:iconchipmunkraccoonoz:ChipmunkRaccoonOz 4 26
-: More Sonamy evidence :- by Crystal-Stardust -: More Sonamy evidence :- :iconcrystal-stardust:Crystal-Stardust 329 622 Gold Chao -- 3D Model by Raethiance Gold Chao -- 3D Model :iconraethiance:Raethiance 47 21 Rainbow Powered Main six by Vector-Brony Rainbow Powered Main six :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 938 104 Poke Picnic reunion by Jeffanime Poke Picnic reunion :iconjeffanime:Jeffanime 548 141 She Has An Unnamed Third Sister, It's Canon by UnicornRarity She Has An Unnamed Third Sister, It's Canon :iconunicornrarity:UnicornRarity 24 9 Request- Pikachu and Buneary! by AshUzumaki905 Request- Pikachu and Buneary! :iconashuzumaki905:AshUzumaki905 34 9


Everyone remembers Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and the cliffhanger ending where Eggman conquered the world after Sonic and his team got back? Is it possible it could be a connection to Sonic Forces?

Really critical thinking!
For those who already heard of and for those who didn't hear:

On 3/11/17, Samurai Jack is back airing it's fifth and final season on Toonami's Adult Swim in honor of the show's return tell me what's your favorite Samurai Jack moment?

For those of you already heard the breaking news and those who didn't, it was on Jan. 15 2017 Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka passed away at the age of 73.

Our thoughts, condolences, and prayers go out to the family, friends, and fans of Jimmy Snuka.

For those who haven't heard, FimFiction has new CTs go check 'em out right now and BEHOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to this please.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Everyone remembers Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and the cliffhanger ending where Eggman conquered the world after Sonic and his team got back? Is it possible it could be a connection to Sonic Forces?

Really critical thinking!


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